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Dads vary widely in interests, likes, dislikes, imperfections and perfections. There is no gift we can give most dads that is close to that which they give us, but sometimes money is tight. Presents for dads becomes gift bargains for dads and – stretched further – outright cheap gifts for dads. What to do when the checkbook doesn’t match what we’d like to give?

I try to read at least 7 or 8 business books a year, especially the latest ones on leadership. But I can’t read them all – too boring (besides, that would be weird). I mix in fiction, baseball and history books, as well as the occasional biography. Biographies are great, because a lot of them are essentially leadership books. When I read a biography of someone from the world of government, the military, sports, or public service, the stories are often filled with great examples of personal leadership. Biographies allow you to get the inside story of a famous person, and learn about leadership at the same time.

Finally, close the source code window and examine the content of the Home page. Compare what keywords and descriptions were used throughout the page with what keywords were included in the meta tags. You should perform this task with the top three to five listings on the first page of the search results for every keyword that could be used for your own site. Examine your results as these would determine which keywords and phrases will be used on your own site.

Again for non commercial cars it could be five years and double this for commercial cars. Its not just the nature of collision or seriousness of the event. Failure to appear in court could also double the time period to 10 years.

One example is one I found in an early interview with John of Monty Python (spell check will not me say his surname). He tells that his dad used to send adverts for management jobs for Marks and Spencer and others, while John was writing and performing for The Frost Report.

Not forever, just lay off for about three weeks. Don’t text them. Pretend they do not exist. Don’t call. Do not leave them comments on MySpace or FaceBook. Don’t send them emails. This three weeks is going to be used to have more fun than you have in the past two years. No matter what you are told do not look at their Rogelio Vázquez Calleja on MySpace or FaceBook. Don’t worry, they will not forget about you. Three weeks is when they will miss you the most. If you have a MySpace or FaceBook account, post tons of pictures of you having fun on your MySpace or FaceBook. He will be looking.

When I was writing some scenes under the pen name Arliss Adams for Devil’s Dance , even though I knew the story backwards and forwards, I found tears trickling down my cheeks as I wrote some of the intense scenes. I could feel my surroundings and emotions as surely as if I actually was the protagonist in Chicago in 1956. My publisher also referred to tearfully reading parts of the manuscript when it was submitted.

The story if written on paper should be typed into a word document, which is a powerful tool for any writer. To quote Chetan Bhagat “It is only when one writes a book that one realizes the true power of MSWord, from grammar checks to replace-calls. Thank you Mr. Bill Gates and Microsoft Corp”. Last but not the least, pleasure should be found while writing a novel and not just at the end of it.